Why are my photographs all blurry?

Posted on: 08.16.09

Today most people who own a camera own a digital camera. It’s either something they carry in their bag, or have on their mobile phone. They see something they want a picture of, so they take their camera, hold it a foot and a half out from their body and snap the photo. They look at it on the little LCD display that comes with their “camera” and say “hey there it is” and upload it to Facebook as fast as possible. When they finally get home and look at it, it’s nothing of what it looked like on that little LCD display, instead it’s all blury and not really worth keeping, but they keep it anyway.

The problem stems from how you hold your camera. Usually with one hand, arm out stretched. Now it’s not your fault. The way most digital cameras are made these days with only an LCD display and not a view finder. Before the advent of LCD displays on cameras, you had a viewfinder, that gave you a close representation of your picture was going to be. This allowed you to use your body frame as kind of a counter sync to balance the camera against you keeping it from moving. Today when you hold out your camera one handed you have to work harder to keep the camera steady. Your body isn’t there to keep your arm steady like before.

Unfortunately there is little anyone can do. Camera companies have almost completely removed the viewfinder from most modern digital cameras (with the exception of DSLR). I myself was lucky enough to find a Canon point and shoot that had one, but who knows how long Canon will continue this practice. The best thing you can do if you don’t have a viewfinder, is to stop shooting with one hand, and start using both hands to keep the camera steady.

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