Building your wedding portfolio in a single day!

Posted on: 08.23.09

Yesterday I was in the “Boston Public Garden” taking pictures of the scenery, the swans, and the swan boats. Around 4 or 5 in the afternoon the wedding photographers started showing up in droves with their perspective wedding parties. I was on the bridge looking at the swan boats, trying to set up a shot. I say trying because it was windy and the boats wouldn’t sit still and cooperate with me. Moments later one of the wedding parties dressed in an extravagant dresses and suites stopped and it looked like they wanted the spot my tripod was set up in. Being the polite person I am, I got out of the way so the bride could have her pictures taken, found somewhere else on the bridge to set up my shot and we all went on our merry ways.

About 10 minutes later I was roaming watching the same wedding party. I noticed a photographer wandering, and following the group, but didn’t appear to be with the group. Getting all the shots that the officual wedding photographers were missing. Minutes later he would switch wedding parties, and shoot an entirely different group. Following the around like a lost puppy dog. The wedding party members were picking on him. Telling him that it was $2.00 a picture. They would hear the shutter, and they would could say, that’s $10, that’s $20, but he kept on shooting unfazed. He took pictures of 4 different wedding groups in the course of 20 minutes. I followed him chatting him up when he pulled the camera down to look at the histogram.

He said he’d never want to be a wedding photographer, but he got great wedding shots just being in the Garden. I got to thinking. What a great way to build a portfolio. Most major cities have specific areas that wedding photos are shot every Saturday and Sunday. They are public places. You can go, shoot as many shots as you want. There is nothing that anyone can say as long as you don’t try to sell the pictures. You may not be able to put them online publicly to promote your business, but there’s nothing stopping you from putting it behind a password, or in a photo book that you show clients. Then once you’ve shot 5-6 weddings of your own you can create your public portfolio with images that you have releases for. Just a thought.

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