Shooting an event.

Posted on: 10.17.09

Three weeks ago I was married to my beautiful Japanese wife. The wedding was incredible, the food was wonderful and we all had a great time. I have since received the the CDs with our photos, and our photographer did a great job I am very happy with the number of photos, and the quality of the photos. The one thing I wish he had done was taken the time to sync the clock on his 2 cameras. They were 12 hours off. When I imported the photos into light room a lot of them all the ones from his second camera showed up after the ones from the first camera.

One other thing that disappointed me was that on one of his cameras he used these on camera motion effects. A couple of them came out and looked real interesting, I would say a majority of them unfortunately didn’t. Some of them, I thought would have looked perfect without the fancy effect.

What can we learn from this? Prepare for your event. Look at an event as a story. Things happen in a specific order, and when those who went to the event look back at photos they will want to see those pictures in the order in which they happened. If you shoot with 2 or more cameras then make sure your clocks are synced properly. Don’t use on camera effects, save the effects for post production, you can never undo effects on the camera.

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