Shooting an event.

Three weeks ago I was married to my beautiful Japanese wife. The wedding was incredible, the food was wonderful and we all had a great time. I have since received the the CDs with our photos, and our photographer did a great job I am very happy with the number of photos, and the quality [...]

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Building your wedding portfolio in a single day!

Yesterday I was in the “Boston Public Garden” taking pictures of the scenery, the swans, and the swan boats. Around 4 or 5 in the afternoon the wedding photographers started showing up in droves with their perspective wedding parties. I was on the bridge looking at the swan boats, trying to set up a shot. [...]

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Why are my photographs all blurry?

Today most people who own a camera own a digital camera. It’s either something they carry in their bag, or have on their mobile phone. They see something they want a picture of, so they take their camera, hold it a foot and a half out from their body and snap the photo. They look [...]

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Photography Goal

I want to become a better photographer, especially after attending the “Beauty and the Beast” lighting seminar. John Woodward kept using the phrase “meet the daylight where it is”. That is my first goal. Become aware of the light and meet the daylight where it is. Need to learn the Sunny 16 rule, need to [...]

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Review: Fong and Woodward – Beauty and the Beast Seminar

This past July I had received an email from some photography company trying to sell me into going to the “Beauty and the Beast” pro-lighting photography seminar hosted by “Hanson Fong” (The beauty) and “John Woodward” (The beast) who have been professional photographers for over 30 years. When I received the email I had thought [...]

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Website is open.

Well after a few days of sorting through images, hacking together some php code, and the monotony of posting all the pictures, I now feel I have a respectable photography website. With a nice mixture of styles. I’ve wanted one for a while, but I just didn’t want to write the php and HTML myself. [...]

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